As Seen in TEQ Magazine: Pedal Power–Riding the Great Allegheny Passage

Jul 23

Three days, two wheels and one point on the Great Allegheny Passage

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  1. joemanich says:

    Paul, what a great post. It made me feel that I to was there. I envy your stamina to be able to undertake such a physical challenge. I agree with your comments and overall sentiments of the piece. As a (almost) 30 year resident of Pittsburgh, I too respect the traditions of innovation and entrepreneurship that are once again being felt. Thanks for the piece.

  2. Ryan Wiegel says:

    Paul, thanks for a great presentation yesterday at the Days Inn, Oil City. Did you brush up on the Lincoln commercials yet? Nice right up on the G.A.P. by the way.

    • Paul Fireman says:

      Brush up I did. I actually saw the spots in the World Series and thought they were odd and never thought about them again but I never heard of the Jim Carey spots- I love them and really liked the one where they crashed the Allstate commercial- I also saw this was parodied on South Park and Ellen. My gut tells me they all got paid- those are weird spots and I bet they wanted to prime the pump. What do you think?

  3. Hope Lineman says:

    Thank you for the great presentation and useful tips offered on taking advantage of today’s social media at the Trail Town Summit held at the Days Inn in Oil City! I really enjoyed your energy and wealth of knowledge!

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