Revolutionizing Medicine with ALung Technologies

Feb 12

Innovation Inspiration is our monthly series on a trend in innovation that we find inspiring. This February we’re thinking about the changing face of the Pittsburgh technology scene.

We love to work with innovative, forward-thinking people and organizations. ALung Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based company on the cutting edge of medical technology, is one such organization. They hired our team to help with web design and marketing communications tools.


Their invention, the HemolungⓇ RAS, has revolutionized the treatment of patients who otherwise would require mechanical ventilation. The device is a minimally-invasive alternative to intubation that removes carbon dioxide from the blood while delivering oxygen more efficiently than other methods.

Our challenge was to create a website as compelling as their product to tell their story to medical professionals and investors. Together, we built a dynamic, interactive site that educates stakeholders and investors through clean images and informative videos. Then, we produced image-rich product brochures and manuals in several languages for worldwide use. Engaging graphics help medical professionals easily learn how to use the device.


“The Fireman team has helped us convey technical topics in compelling and engaging ways,” said Scott Morley, VP of Marketing for ALung. “Our website is a key component of a broader content marketing strategy. What we’ve developed is a comprehensive and easy-to-scale site that is rich in content and quite progressive from a design standpoint for the medical field.”

Because ALung has regional sales forces in various countries, it was critical that their site and brochures reach people across many languages. The website is translated into three different languages and features different content for four different regions: the US, the UK, France and Germany. The product literature is translated into seventeen different languages to make it usable throughout the European Union and Canada, where the Hemolung RAS has already been approved for use.

By collaborating with ALung Technologies and learning about what they do best, together we were able to create a beautiful site that showcases their revolutionary invention. But don’t take our word for how great the site and the product it promotes are. Visit the ALung website today and see innovation in action.

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