As Seen in TEQ Magazine: Long Story Short on Video Game Design and Books

Jan 7

The combination of game design, video, and book publishing can create powerful narratives.

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One response to “As Seen in TEQ Magazine: Long Story Short on Video Game Design and Books”

  1. kba2424 says:

    Interesting! And unsurprising to me that this mode of advertising is becoming more popular. The most economical and time efficient way to buy books now is online. On Amazon I purchase 100 percent of my school books at upwards of a 90 percent discount. It also eliminates a trip to the bookstore (that would be especially time consuming as more and more bookstores in my neighborhood go out of business). Often though I don’t find myself buying recreational books online/on Amazon because, though, it saves money and time there is never a sufficient blurb about whichever novel I am searching. Most often I can only find a critical review or a few sentences generated by the site and neither of these adequately pique a readers interest. So, to me it makes sense that, in a market with less and less physical book stores and insufficient literary advertisement on the part of online book merchants, book trailers are the answer!

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