Graphic Design and the 2016 Election

Jun 18

Fireman Creative’s graphic designers, Nate Taylor and Clarissa Bock, had some thoughts about some of the 2016 presidential campaign logos we’ve seen so far. From Hillary and Carly to Jeb and Marco, here’s what our designers had to say…

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2 responses to “Graphic Design and the 2016 Election”

  1. LynxCreek says:

    The Bernie logo has some serious weight issues. The B and the i look like two completely different weights – and the B looks like it’s floating away. In fact, each e looks a different weight optically. It also needs major kerning work, likely due to the waves causing the baseline to look wonky. The toothpaste element just makes my eyes roll, it’s so overused, and it bothers me that it’s attached to the letters so awkwardly and for no good reason. The star tittle is just one element too much, IMO.

    And, FWIW, all this mess, and Bernie still has my vote!

  2. Stacey Brightwood says:

    Great article Clarissa and Nate! Thank you two so much for the laughs. I’m not really into politics, but this is the kind of political stuff I like to read! The tinder reference to the Rand logo– couldn’t have said it any better. “Jeb!” does look like a children’s tv show titles. Great references you two… Keep articles like this coming please they are really enjoyable to read!

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