Gay Trekkies on Facebook

Dec 10

Combining sci-fi and social justice issues on social media proves a recipe for success for two famous Trekkies.

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3 responses to “Gay Trekkies on Facebook”

  1. Yeoman Roman says:

    Earthings eh? I wonder what fraction of fans are American verses foreign. I would bet a good many are overseas. Star Trek was a always a fun way to do little morality plays and I liked that aspect. The Angel series was also like this but much darker in tone.

  2. Tracey S. McCarthy says:

    Why not use use one’s fame to promote personal causes? All the cool kids are doing it these days.

  3. Jillian McCarthy says:

    One of the really interesting things about social media is that it provides a way for celebrities to focus their interactions with their fans on important causes. This helps celebrities promote themselves, and it also gets more support for causes, as we can see in both of these cases.

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